Nobody is perfect. As long as we continue to strive to be better, our imperfections are part of our journey.

Title: Besame Mucho
Artist: Demi Lovato
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Demi Lovato - “Besame Mucho" (Unreleased song)


Neon Lights Tour: Demi singing Catch Me in Sao Paulo, Brasil (04/24)

"Your passion is infinite. When you connect to the passion within you, there are no limitations. Passion is the driving force to any art and it’s up to you to make something beautiful with your life. Remind yourself that you are capable of great things with hard work”

Demi Lovato in Meet and Greet - The Neon Lights Tour, 2º Day.

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Our wounds and our scars give us strenght and courage. Mine have made every moment in life more meaningful, and in the end I know myself better. I’m stronger and my passion for life is deeper. I can finally appreciate my wounds for the blessings that they brought me.

if you don’t want a big gif of demi being a cute little puppy in a snowman costume on your blog, you’re lying to yourself.

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